Marius Anger

Chair & Treasurer

Since 2022 I am one of the satellite systems engineers in the electrical engineering school. I studied physics in Munich, Germany, and was already part of student committees and boards during my bachelor and master.
Important for me are always new professorships and what they can offer to us and the university.
One of my big goals is that regardless of country of origin, skin colour, gender or other things, people should get judged by their skills and put into the positions they deserve.

As part of the board I will manage the finances and approve maybe even one of your ideas, that you have brought to us. I am very happy to see such an active community at Aalto University.
Let's organize some nice events!

Additionally, I want to represent your needs to the Aalto boards. These needs could be small or big we are here to bring them onwards so that your voice is heard among the other parties on the campus.

Next to the membership in Aallonhuiput and my PhD, I am also DJing and doing a regular podcast "Kreolis Music World". I am also quite interested in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
If you are also in to those topics, just hit me up and I think we will have a lovely conversation.