Aallonhuiput - Aalto University Doctoral Student Association

Aalto University doctoral student association — Aallonhuiput in short — is a registered association that connects and represents doctoral students in Aalto University. Our goal is to give a voice to the doctoral community at Aalto University and strive for the well-being and performance of every doctoral student.

The association is run by a yearly elected board. If you are driven and would like to make a difference in the doctoral community at Aalto, this is the place to be!


We work together with Aalto University Management and Student Union (AYY) to represent doctoral students in the administration of Aalto University. By being directly involved we can comment on decisions before they are made and relay the opinions and thoughts of doctoral students straight to the top.

Aallonhuiput has representation in various school and university level committees like Aalto Management Team, Research and Innovation Steering Group, Doctoral Education Working Group and so on. 


We organize numerous events throughout the year. We strive to make the events interesting, enjoyable and conducive to networking and value-creation for our community.

So far we have also organized several discussion events (i.e. wine tasting), an academic table party, a full blown art exhibition(!), mushroom picking, pub nights and other social events. The annual Aallonhuiput Pre-Christmas party has already become a tradition, which is also where the board of the follow year is elected.

Have a look out for the upcoming events!


One central task of Aallonhuiput is to keep doctoral students informed about current affairs.

Important news will also be sent directly to the members’ mailing list. And of course, we hope the website serves as a one stop destination for all our activities. You can find us on

Telegram for meeting and discussing relevant issues with other doctoral researchers: @aaltophd

Instagram for the latest event announcements: https://www.instagram.com/aallonhuiput/

You can find the Annual Report of the year 2022 here

Get involved!

Aallonhuiput is made of people just like you.