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We Got Your Attention?

As a Full Member

All Aalto University doctoral students are cordially invited to join the association.

There is small annual membership fee of 8€ to support Aallonhuiput activities. Your membership application will be processed in the next board meeting (about twice a month during semesters) and you will be notified by email shortly afterwards.

Joining Aallonhuiput as a full member allows you to be a voting member during our annual elections. This also means that only the full members can contest for being part of the board. Apart from that, all our members automatically become part of our mailing list for announcements and news regarding doctoral studies, association events, and information relevant to your studies.

As an Active

Aallonhuiput Actives is a group for people who wish to get more involved in the activities of the doctoral student association while not necessarily being on the board. As an Active, you get to contribute to the community in a way that best suits you, and we’ll reward your help by organizing Actives-exclusive events throughout the year, free food, pre-booking for our events and merchandise, etc.

Through Aallonhuiput Actives, you can also get resources to make your own ideas happen. Maybe you’d like to try some team sport but are missing the team, or maybe you’re planning a trip somewhere but your plans are stuck at the idea-phase – we can help you gather a crowd, support you in taking care of practicalities, and maybe even cover some expenses.

Most importantly, we hope to find a nice group of people from different schools and backgrounds that we can hang-out with for the whole year!