Meeting Point: Guild Room

Date & Time: Saturday 30.04.2022 from 11:30 AM

Wappu Celebration (30.04.2022 & 01.05.2022)

On Wappu Eve (30.4.), we will have a late brunch with some sima & other seasonal delicacies at the guild room, after the Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness (which happens at 12-14 at Smökki, you're also welcome to join us there!). From the guild room, we will move to Kauppatori by 17 to attend the Capping of Manta.

On Wappu Day (1.5.), we will set up a picnic at Ullanlinnanmäki. There will be a bunch of other student associations there as well - you can find us by looking for a black tent and flags with the Aallonhuiput-logo. A more precise schedule will come later, but roughly speaking we'll get there sometime before noon, and stay as long as people want to stay 😉