Venue: Top Lounge (U523), Otakaari 1

Date & Time: Wednesday 11.05.2022 from 5 PM

Spring Meeting (11.05.2022)

Spring general assembly of Aalto-yliopiston jatko-opiskelijayhdistys ry / Aalto University Doctoral Student Association

  • Opening of the meeting

  • Legality and quorum of the meeting

  • Organization of the meeting

  • Selecting a chairperson and a secretary for the meeting as well as two examiners of the minutes and two tellers.

  • Accepting the agenda of the meeting

  • Presenting and approving the annual report of the year 2021

  • Approval of the financial statement of the year 2021

  • Discharging from liability for the accounts of the year 2021

  • Other issues

  • Closing the meeting