Venue: Tremanskärr Nature Trail

Date & Time: Friday, 02.09.2022 (4 PM)

Mushroom Picking Workshop (21.09.2022)

Mushroom season is finally here! Come join us to learn the basics with our favorite guide and biologist Anna Nyman from Helsinki wildfoods.

The workshop will take place at Tremanskärr natural area. There is a bus that takes you very nearby, our meeting point will be at Tremanskärr Nature Trail. The workshop starts at 16:00. Don’t be late! Our workshop takes approximately 2.5-3 hours.

Aallonhuiput will sponsor part of the price so you only need to pay 20 euros! We have only 16 spots available so be fast.

The foraging adventure is led by licensed wild food counselor and biologist Anna Nyman .

More info about the workshop and what to bring:

We’ll start off by exploring the basics - how to identify different types of mushrooms, including the poisonous ones, and in what kind of terrain you’re most likely to find them. Then we’ll enjoy a walk through the forest picking mushrooms as we go. During this workshop you will also how to preserve the mushrooms (drying and freezing). We’ll end the walk by checking everyone’s mushrooms. We will also look at seasonal wild herbs and berries and how to identify them if the group wishes so.

Please bring along a mushroom knife, a basket, a bottle of water (and snacks if you’d like) as well as equipment required by the weather. Mushrooms can be picked in any weather so if it rains we will still go ahead, but please wear comfortable waterproof clothes and shoes. After the workshop all participants will take home an e-book about wild mushrooms in Finland.

Please note that the availability of mushrooms depends on the weather conditions of autumn and varies in different terrains. No previous knowledge of mushrooms or other wild foods is required!