Tejas Kotha

Vice Chair, Web Administrator and Communications Manager

I am a second year doctoral researcher at the ISM Department in the School of Business. Not the best at first impressions but will certainly grow on you (I hope so). I am a hyperactive individual who would never say no to a weekend plan. 

I love writing long emails so, you know whom to blame when you get one from Aallonhuiput :P I like to believe I am a jack of all trades and that's what I bring to Aallonhuiput. 

I previously served as a representative in DEWG, and currently serving a representative in ReSG. I am also a board member at ATTE and a deputy shop steward at JUKO. So, in case if you need any help or would like to know more about various representative bodies just reach out to me.

Oh yes,  btw I love taking pictures. Hit me up if you are also into photography :)