You've Got People

Aalto University has various doctoral student representative bodies across different levels of management to discuss doctoral education, strategy and wellbeing. You can get to know them here.

Doctoral Education Working Group

The President has appointed the Aalto University Doctoral Education Working Group, which develops the university's doctoral education, discusses the mutual issues on doctoral education and prepares the university guidelines.


Research Steering Group

The Research Steering Group (ReSG) deals with operational research and innovation matters which require university-wide comment, policies or recommendations. ReSG boosts cooperation and sharing of best practices between the schools at the university level.

ReSG is responsible for: 1) Preparing and discussing matters that are decided by the Vice President for Research or Vice President for Innovation or matters that are decided by other Aalto University bodies. 2) Providing academic guidance for services that support research and innovation. 3) Bringing and delivering messages to schools, Aalto management, staff and students. 4) Sharing best practices between the schools and discussing strategic initiatives between schools.


Doctoral Programme Committees

The doctoral programme committees shall 1) develop the content of the doctoral programmes and the joint studies offered by the school; 2) put forth proposals to the school academic committee on the fields of research in doctoral programmes; 3) prepare proposals for the dean on admission of doctoral students; 4) appoint the preliminary examiners of dissertations and decide on the permission for public defense of dissertations; 5) appoint the opponents for doctoral dissertations; 6) evaluate the dissertations; 7) appoint the examiners of licentiate theses; 8) evaluate licentiate theses; and 9) perform other duties assigned to it by the dean or in the degree regulations.

In addition, the doctoral programme committees shall, unless it has assigned the chair to decide on any of the matters: 1) appoint a supervising professor and advisor(s) for the doctoral student; 2) decide on the degree language of the doctoral student and on the topic and language of the licentiate or doctoral degree; 3) confirm the study plans of doctoral students; 4) decide on the time and language of the of public examination of the doctoral dissertation and appoint the custos for it.

SCI Doctoral Programme Committee Representatives:

ELEC Doctoral Programme Committee Representatives:

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