Board 2018

The Aallonhuiput association is run by a yearly elected board by the annual meeting. You can reach the board by email at or the president and vice president at
The boards of previous years can be found at Previous boards.

The elected board for 2018 consists of:

President: Tilman Bauer

Vice President: Sissi Enestam

Secretary: Abheeshta Putta

Treasurer: Anila Kiran

Public Relations Officers: Nina Saarikoski and Abheeshta Putta

Web Administrator: Mikko Leino

Party Chiefs: Omar Velazquez Martinez and Elena Mazurova

Education Officer: Arpine Maghakyan

Liaison Officer: Aino-Nina Saarikoski

Logistics Officer: Omar Velazquez Martinez

Advocacy Officer: Pascale Blyth


The 2018 Aallonhuiput Board Members are members of several Aalto University’s Committees:

Aalto Academic Affairs Committee: Pascale Blyth

Aalto Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG): Arpine Maghakyan, Vice Member Pascale Blyth.

Aalto EQUIS Accreditation Committee: Tilman Bauer, Vice Member Sissi Enestam

Aalto Leaders Dialogue: Tilman Bauer, Vice Representative Sissi Enestam

Aalto Management Team: Tilman Bauer, Vice Representative Sissi Enestam

Aalto Research and Innovation Steering Group (RISG): Pascale Blyth, Vice Member Arpine Maghakyan

BIZ Dissertation Committee: Arpine Maghakyan, Vice Member Anila Kiran

Business 3.0 / Aalto Campus Development Team: Elena Mazurova, Vice Member Tilman Bauer